This is the * 2017 * edition "Consistently over the last few years, the Author has improved on his masterpiece of love and dedication. And he has done it yet again! Mike Roberto has just completed the 2017 Unofficial Hess Toy Trucks Encyclopedia. For those of you not familiar with this book it is basically the Hess toy trucks bible. The Author has tirelessly and relentlessly researched and documented the history of the Hess toy trucks, telling stories and trivia about each and every truck and truck variation he has tracked down over many years. His Hess Toy Trucks Encyclopedia doesn’t just document the trucks we know. The Author has tracked down countless trucks that were never released to the public. This encyclopedia chronicles more “Special Trucks, Special Mini Trucks, and Hess Prototypes” than you likely ever knew existed! But it doesn’t end with the trucks... the Author also compares all of the Hess toy trucks boxes for their differences. And this is all being done in an concise, efficient, chronological order of all publicly released trucks followed by the special trucks, the advertising, many promotion materials, etc... This masterpiece is nearly 200 full pages chock full of copious amounts of information with over 1,100 full color pictures, enough to satisfy most anyone’s optic hunger for Hess toy trucks knowledge. This book is massive, so big it barely fit into the mailing envelope in which it arrived. Let's set this straight; it is not just for the seasoned collector, the Hess Toy Trucks Encyclopedia can be enjoyed by all levels and ages of enthusiasts from novice kids to the seasoned adult collector. You can not go wrong with the Hess Toy Trucks Encyclopedia, it is a Hess fan's dream come true, and worth every penny, if not much much more!" Frank Zottola, Hess Toy Trucks Collector's Forum* *not endorsed nor connected to Hess corporation. “This HESS book is second to none!” - John S. Howard “You’ve brought the thrill back to collecting!” - Brad Winters “Every serious HESS toy trucks collector needs this book” - Robert McClintock “The standard of reference for all collectors of HESS trucks” - Ray Doyle “A finer biography of HESS toy trucks will not be found anywhere” - Anthony Vaicels “This is the best HESS toy trucks publication and information I've ever seen!” - Larry Kramer “HANDS DOWN best HESS book out there. Buy it. You will NOT be disappointed” - Brent Trubia “Bar none the most complete source of HESS toy trucks info for the casual or hardcore collector” - Frank Zotolla “Mike’s HESS toy trucks books are prominently displayed, and is considered a valuable part of my collection” - John G “The most informative HESS toy trucks book ever out there. It truly reflects Mike’s passion and feeds ours” - James Galdo “An absolute essential for any Hess toy trucks collector. The only in-depth book ever published on the subject of Hess toy trucks collecting with details on every version while focusing on the best of the vintage trucks. It includes little known facts, telling differences between years and model variations while debunking myths and common misconceptions. All making for a fun and interesting read and you will find yourself referring back to it again and again.” – D. P. Smith Shows each years truck, box, and all things included. Quantities and original prices, as well as where each was made. Battery cards, vintage newspaper ads, insert cards, original mailers, and employee truck buttons. Retail Bags, holiday cards, and dealer/station promotion books. Pump toppers, vintage station-stamped boxes, as well as point-of-sale kits. Prototypes, many clones, and rare trucks you have never seen before. You think you had all the trucks? Take a seat. AUTHOR HAS NO AFFILIATION WITH HESS CORPORATION NOR INVOLVED IN ANY COLLECTIBLE TRADE. THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK IS TO PROTECT THE BUYER AND PROMOTE THE HESS TRUCK BRAND AND HOBBY.