Matches the TEKS Standards and the 2017-2018 STAAR Tests!

This practice test book is the perfect preparation tool for the STAAR Reading test. It includes reading mini-tests and vocabulary quizzes to build skills, as well as two full-length STAAR Reading practice tests just like the real STAAR tests.

Developed Specifically for the STAAR Reading Test
- Covers all the skills assessed on the real tests
- Has the same question styles and formats as the real tests
- Practice tests have the same length as the real tests
- Full answer key lists the specific TEKS skill covered by each question

A Complete Test Preparation System
- 6 reading mini-tests develop skills and ease students into test prep
- 6 vocabulary quizzes provide focused skill development
- 2 full-length practice tests allow students to take a test just like the actual STAAR Reading test

Key Benefits
- Builds confidence by helping students prepare before taking a full test
- Develops all the reading and vocabulary skills that students need
- Provides experience answering reading comprehension questions
- Helps students know what to expect when taking the real STAAR test
- Gives students the skills to answer all types of STAAR questions
- Reduces test anxiety by allowing low-stress practice
- Detailed answer key allows missing skills to be identified