Effective plan execution can turn today's challenges into tomorrow's successes.

This book is about getting things done-how to design effective strategy, implement it, and make sure it works. It s based on the best practices of leading healthcare delivery systems, examples from the business world, and research findings.

Use the execution method described in this book to address a departmental issue or to institute organization-wide change. Start today. Develop a focused plan, use project management tools to keep work on track, and engage employees at all levels to support change.

This book:

  • Outlines basic tools for collecting, displaying, and reviewing data that are useful to strategy formulation
  • Explains alternative approaches to strategic planning, including scenario planning
  • Reviews the management tools used to execute change, including the balanced scorecard
  • Discusses how to create a culture that engages employees and drives change
  • Uses the creation of accountable care organizations, healthcare homes, and bundled payment projects as examples of effective execution
  • A companion website contains web links, resources, and videos on the use of the software mentioned in the book

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