This is Student Book 1 of the "New Bridges" series of ESL/EFL teaching materials for adult learners.

There are a total of 5 student books and 5 teacher's editions in the series.

Complementary teacher's resources (the "Teacher's Resource Pack", "Conversation Cards" for books 1-4, and the "Game Cards") provide additional practice and review of the student book content and lighten a busy and/or inexperienced teacher's workload.

Book 1 is designed for beginners who can read/write the alphabet and simple English words but have a limited knowledge of English reading, writing, grammar, and conversation. Novice Mid (A1) learners.

The books and teaching resources in the "New Bridges" series:

* are designed for use with students in/from conservative cultures
* are divided into 8 topical units with 3 lessons in each unit
* focus on conversation
* also teach listening, grammar, reading, and writing skills
* provide 48 hours of instruction (2 hours per lesson) for each student book 1-3
* provide 96 hours of instruction (4 hrs / lesson) for each student book 4-5

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