In her latest book, Crochet 4 Creative Yarn Eater Stitches; Learn the Popular Catherine Wheel, Bavarian Crochet, Star Stitch, and Interlocking Shell Stitches, Dorothy Wilks brings you some of the most popular stitches loved by crochet artists. These stitches are affectionately known as yarn or wool eaters because they use a lot of yarn. But your efforts are rewarded with some of the most beautiful and creative projects you can crochet.

Dorothy uses her vast knowledge of crochet to clearly explain and illustrate special stitches and the various techniques needed to crochet the stitches in this book. You will learn how to:

•Create single color and 2 color Catherine Wheels projects
•Learn the Bavarian Crochet technique
•How to create the nubby texture of the Start Stitch
•How to use clusters and shells to create the Interlocking Shell Stitch

  • Dorothy uses plain language and easy to understand instructions paired with extensive illustrations to help you expand your crochet skills. If you have a basic knowledge of crochet and can read a written pattern you can learn how to crochet these popular stitches. Don’t miss out on this valuable crochet resource, get your copy today!

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    • Release Date: 2015-04-22